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Frequently asked Questions

Once you complete the checkout, your order will enter the Processing stage. At this stage TMB algorithm will run different tests to determine the contents of your Mystery Box. You can follow the progress and time left for processing in your Mystery Experience Portal. Once the Processing stage has been finished your order will ship with your selected Shipping method.

We offer a 90 day no risk return policy for all items except the items on sale and Mystery Boxes.

Mystery Boxes being a special category product can only be returned if they are unopened, unused, still in their gray packaging and you have not checked the items inside your Mystery Box. If the gray packaging has been damaged, opened or tampered with then the products condition is no longer new and it is not possible to return the Mystery Box. Assigning items to your Mystery Box requires launching TMB algorithm and for the algorithm to source the assigned items from multiple warehouses specifically for your order, therefore, in case you wish to return your Mystery Box, there is a $29.99 re-stocking fee for each returned Mystery Box and you are responsible for the return shipping fees. Please contact our Customer Support to find out if your Mystery Box is eligible for a return and if the return is approved we will provide details where to ship the Mystery Box back and provide a FULL refund minus the re-stocking fee within 7 days after the Mystery Box has been returned to us and checked by our team to see that it has not been used or opened before.

If your order is at the Processing stage we might be able to update your shipping address. Please contact our Customer Support team and we will check if it’s still possible for your order. We can not update the Shipping address after the order has been given to the Shipping company.

You can track the order status in your Mystery Experience Portal or in the Track Your Order section.

Our Mystery Boxes are not just a bunch of items in a box. We offer a full Mystery Experience which is not only a physical product delivered to your home, but also partially a virtual experience that includes the Processing stage, where TMB algorithm will match different products from a huge list of products against each order and that takes time. Once the products have been picked, it takes time to source them from our suppliers.

It would be impossible for us to create a Mystery Box with different electronic items that would fit each and every customers preferences and wishes. Since this is a Mystery Box, not knowing what kind of items will come in your Mystery Box is part of the surprise experience. The thrill of the Mystery Box lies into the anticipation of unboxing unknown items of unknown dimensions and values. There is no minimum value guarantee, but there is a set limit of $1200 maximum value per box.

We ship to most countries and you can use the Complimentary Slow Shipping option if you wish. If you want a speedier delivery we suggest paying for the Shipping instead of using the Slow Shipping option as it is not fast. The Shipping option does not affect the Processing time unless stated otherwise in your Mystery Experience Portal.

Mystery Boxes are designed to be unpredictable and to have a variety of different items inside of them. Once Mystery Box is opened the biggest part of the Mystery Experience – unboxing a Mystery Box and finding out what you received has concluded. You can compare this to going to a concert, experiencing the concert and after the concert has ended going to the cashier and asking for a refund, because you are not fully satisfied with the concert even though you stayed the whole time. So if you open your Mystery Box, the item has been used and we won’t accept any refund requests. It would be impossible for us to include only items in each and every Mystery Box that each and every customer will love. Different people have different preferences and while one person will like the items, the next one might not like the same items. This is a big part of the thrill when ordering a Mystery Box that you never know what exactly will be placed in your box. We update our algorithm and products list on a regular basis to include more of the items that most customers love and reduce the items that are not a great fit to many customers. Some customers think that each Mystery Box should only include items worth more than customer paid for, but that really makes no sense at all. We can’t just ship the high value items to all customers in each and every box. Only scam sites will promise you this as this would mean that we would be making a loss on each box sold if we only included items that are worth more than you paid for the Mystery Box. Since we are a real business, we don’t make such false promises and assign the items through launching TMB algorithm that will run different tests to determine the best fit items for each Mystery Box. You should not expect to always receive high value items, however, the more boxes you order, the more and higher value items you will receive as the algorithm takes in account your order history and several other criteria which you can read about in the TMB algorithm section. The thrill of unboxing a Mystery Box is that you never know if you will receive something valuable or something fun. Pease don’t confuse ordering a Mystery Box with paying a specific amount of dollars for specific value items. When ordering from us you not only receive a Mystery Box at home, we also include a lot of other perks like gift cards, themed Mystery Box gift box, free shipping for our customers that we pay for, Mystery Experience Portal access, invitation to The Mystery Box VIP club and more. The pricing is based on the whole Mystery Experience not only on the specific items you received.

The value of items will vary since this is a Mystery Box and you are not paying for any specific items of a set value, but for a full Mystery Experience that includes launching TMB algorithm, sourcing different products from different warehouses, anticipating the thrill of unboxing in the Mystery Experience Portal and unboxing your beautiful Mystery Box themed gift box full of surprises.

Yes, all items in your Mystery Box will be brand new and never used before. Your Mystery Box themed gift box will be brand new as well.

We ship from different warehouses worldwide and unfortunately some shipping companies don’t handle the packages with enough care and in some cases the packaging can get damaged in the shipping process. To avoid this, please use the “Ship Unassembled” option in your Mystery Experience Portal as there is a much lower risk that your Mystery Box will get crushed by the delivery company if it is unassembled. The downside of this option is that the items won’t be placed inside your Mystery Box, so it’s best to use this option if you plan to gift the Mystery Box to someone else and can assemble it and place the items inside on your own before gifting it. In case you selected “Ship Unassembled”, but the gift box still came crushed, please contact our support team and we will send you a replacement Mystery Box themed gift box packaging free of charge.

No, this is not a scam. However, this is a popular question we receive and we are informed that there are many bad actors that advertise Mystery Boxes and never ship them to customers. For your safety please make sure that you are only ordering Mystery Boxes from real, registered businesses no matter how good the offer might sound on other sites as this is a popular product that is being abused by scammers. Real businesses will always have their contact information publically available and will not try to hide their identity. The Mystery Box Store is a registered business in both US and EU, so you can be sure that we will always ship your Mystery Box with the assigned items

Part of the Mystery Experience is the anticipation of the moment you will be able to unbox your Mystery Box. In this time you can use the virtual part of the experience and follow the latest Processing updates in your Mystery Experience Portal. Since the algorithm needs time to decide items for your box and to source them from different warehouses, we are not able to cancel any orders after the Processing stage has been started.

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