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Mystery Experience Portal

Once your order is placed, it progresses to the Processing phase. During this phase, our TMB algorithm takes the lead, carefully picking random items for your Mystery Box to enhance your experience. You will receive an email that provides access to the Mystery Experience Portal, where you can monitor the progress of your order in real time.

In the Mystery Experience Portal, you’ll find:

  • Updates on the status of your order
  • The boxes selected for your order
  • Option to Reveal and Exchange items
  • The remaining processing time
  • Important messages from our team
  • Shipment tracking information
  • Options to add to your order
  • An invitation to join the VIP club
  • An option for faster shipping
  • And other features

Here’s how the item selection for your Mystery Box works:

Initially, the TMB algorithm determines the number of items in your box, which will vary greatly depending on which variant of the Mystery Box you ordered, your Mystery Experience Level, and other factors. TMB algorithm then selects the appropriate size box to ensure all your items fit perfectly.

Your Mystery Experience Portal will update to show the selected boxes for your order.

The algorithm then checks product availability with our suppliers. If any item is out of stock and cannot be sourced quickly, it will be replaced with a similar item to keep the process moving efficiently.

Bonus Tip: While Mystery Experience and Mystery Box are both experiences of anticipation and excitement, there are steps you can taker to increase the assigned product Rarity! Order more boxes to reach a higher Mystery Experience Level to gain access to higher Rarity products!

Once all items are gathered and stored in our warehouse, the Processing phase concludes. The Mystery Experience Portal will then update with tracking information for each box.

Now enjoy the anticipation and unboxing of your Mystery Box!

Happy unboxing!

Free Shipping option

All Mystery Boxes can use the Free Shipping option

Items Assigned by Algorithm

All items are assigned by TMB algorithm

All Items Are Always New

Receive never before used items

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