Electronics Mystery Box + Surprise + $5-$200 Gift Card


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The Ultimate Mystery Box Experience.
Comes with Mystery Experience Access!

Electronics Mystery Box – Your Best Gift for Birthdays and Parties!

Each Electronics Mystery Box order includes the following:

  • 2-10 Electronic Products
  • 1 Gift Card valued from $5-$200
  • Mystery Experience Portal access
  • 1 Special Surprise item (see possible items list below)
  • Mystery Box themed gift box
  • Free Shipping option in the US, CA, AU, EU, UK
  • Invite to The Mystery Box Store VIP club to score deals with up to -80% off

Find 2-10 electronic items + 1 Surprise item + Gift Card in each Electronics Mystery Box!

The surprise items are electronic products and will be determined by TMB algorithm from the following items list:

  • Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Laptops (different models, RAM 8GB to 16GB, storage 256GB to 1TB)
  • Drones (1080p-4k)
  • Wireless Earphones
  • Ultrathin Wireless Chargers (single or multi-device)
  • E-Book Readers
  • Headphones
  • Portable Gaming Consoles
  • Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Robot Vacuums
  • Tablets (64GB-256GB)
  • LCD Breathalyzers
  • Gaming Mouses and Keyboards
  • Mini Projectors (100 to 1000 lumens)
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Music Players
  • Smartwatches and Smart Bracelets
  • Action Cameras (720p, 1080p, and 4k)
  • Dash Cams (1080p HD recording, night vision)
  • Voice Assistant Devices (Smart home control)
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Hoverboards
  • Racing Drones Speed (30-100 mph)
  • Accessories for Cars
  • Smart Home Gadgets (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Portable Speakers
  • Spy Cameras
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Sports Cameras (water resistant)

Electronics Mystery Box is suited for all ages and genders and will make the best surprise gift for you and your loved ones!

Today FREE shipping is enabled in US, CA and AU

  • Shipping time: 5-22 days
  • Free shipping option available in US, CA, EU, AU
  • Returns: 90-day return policy
  • All items are new!
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Electronics Mystery Box appeals to every age and gender, you can give it to anyone! With access to The Mystery Experience Portal, you’ll experience the thrill every step of the way starting online and culminating in the unboxing Electronics Mystery Box at your home.

TMB algorithm will assign surprise items of different categories, values, and dimensions to every Mystery Box gift box. You can find a detailed description of how the algorithm assigns items in the TMB Algorithm section.

Here’s a glimpse into how TMB algorithm works:

  1. Algorithm will decide how many items should be placed in your Mystery Box
  2. It will test each product against your order to determine if the item will be assigned to your Mystery Box or not
  3. Once the necessary number of items has been assigned to your Mystery Box it will source the assigned items from our suppliers
  4. After all items have landed in our warehouse your items will be packed in a beautiful Mystery Box themed gift box and shipped to you. You’ll get a tracking link to track the delivery
  5. Wait for your Mystery Box to arrive and see what items got assigned to your order

Happy unboxing!

Watch the algorithm assign Mystery Boxes to your order:

Example of a Revealed Mystery Box in the Mystery Experience Portal with Exchange option:

Start your Mystery Box experience online in the Mystery Experience Portal and finish unboxing your Mystery Box at home, watch online as our TMB algorithm assigns different electronic items to your Mystery Box, providing an exciting, show-like reveal. You can reveal and exchange items in your Mystery Experience Portal before shipping for Mystery Coins (MYS). 

Customer Reviews



Average Rating 4.7/5 based on 226 customers.

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Customer Reviews:

very interesting to watch the items being assigned

May 6, 2024

i never tried this before so fingers crossed. watching the items being assigned in mystery portal is very interesting. i hope it assigns some good boxes for me

Avatar for Estephani Smith, TX, US
Estephani Smith, TX, US

Impulse buy

July 5, 2024

First time buying mystery box bought 2. Just hoping it’s worth it as I am from Canada and paid extra in exchange rate :/

Avatar for Raija

This is my 5th order

April 15, 2024

Always super excited to receive my boxes. Last one had nice headphones and tablet

Avatar for Rachel G.
Rachel G.

1st order of a mystery box fingers crossed

March 7, 2024

Saw the website decided to take a chance and order a mystery box from all the reviews I’ve read. I am very excited to receive this box. And I’m sure this is going to be the first of many Especially if the boxes as good as all the reviews claim to be. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like buying something and getting a surprise? It’s like the best of both worlds.

Avatar for Rod

Tried 3 boxes, i like it

February 16, 2024

3 boxes came all in different sizes. First two had a speaker, virtual reality and gaming keyboard in them. Third one I havent opened yet. It’s tiny, so I kept it for my wife to open

Avatar for Alex Mackovic, CO, US
Alex Mackovic, CO, US

Was not expecting much but turned out great

February 11, 2024

received good assortment of items. best item was a new tablet that i use every day now. thank you for the opportunity

Avatar for Brie Williams, TX, US
Brie Williams, TX, US

this is genuinely a good surprise

February 11, 2024

scored a nice drone and a smartwatch

Avatar for Elon Amsfeld, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Elon Amsfeld, Birmingham, United Kingdom

love it

February 11, 2024

So much fun! I’ve ordered 5 boxes so far and always receive great products

Avatar for Jesse Mayer, BC, Canada
Jesse Mayer, BC, Canada

I got lucky!!

February 10, 2024

Found a new laptop in my 3rd box. Very happy and good value!

Avatar for Joseph Curtis, VA, United States
Joseph Curtis, VA, United States


February 7, 2024

I was hoping for headphones or ebook reader, but I got a phone and a smartwatch. I bought the box on sale for only 50 bucks. This is crazy

Avatar for Tammara Wilson, NJ, US
Tammara Wilson, NJ, US

Read all customer reviews in the Latest Customer Reviews section.

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