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Last updated February 01, 2024

This Shipping & Delivery Policy is part of our Terms of Service (“Terms”) and should be therefore read alongside our main Terms:

Please carefully review our Shipping & Delivery Policy when purchasing our products. This policy will apply to any order you place with us.


We offer various shipping options. In some cases, a third-party supplier may be managing our inventory and will be responsible for shipping your products.

Shipping Fees

We offer shipping at the following rates:

Shipping MethodShipping Fee
Premium Shipping
$29.99 per item
Complimentary Shipping
$0.00, but keep in mind it is very slow and sometimes errors occur during the shipping process. We do not recommend using this option, but we offer it as a gift to our customers to be able to save on shipping costs

All times and dates given for delivery of the products are given in good faith but are estimates only.

For EU and UK consumers: This does not affect your statutory rights. Unless specifically noted, estimated delivery times reflect the earliest available delivery, and deliveries will be made within 30 days after the day we accept your order or in the case of ordering one of our Mystery Boxes, within 30 days after the day the Processing stage has been completed. For more information please refer to our Terms.

Once the processing is finished tracking information will be available in your Mystery Experience Portal. Please keep in mind the Complimentary Slow Shipping method is very slow and in some cases can take over 25 days to reach you. Complimentary Slow Shipping orders get shipped out only when there is a free shipping slot available. Please check your Mystery Experience Portal to find the time remaining until the next free slot. In case you do not wish to wait for the Complimentary Slow Shipping slot to be available, you can upgrade to the paid Premium Shipping option in your Mystery Experience Portal and your order will ship much faster.


We offer worldwide shipping. Free shipping is not valid on international orders.

Please note, we may be subject to various rules and restrictions in relation to some international deliveries and you may be subject to additional taxes and duties over which we have no control. If such cases apply, you are responsible for complying with the laws applicable to the country where you live and will be responsible for any such additional costs or taxes.


We can’t ship to APO/FPO addresses. The TMB algorithm can not check if the address is valid, so please make sure not to use these addresses. In case you used an APO/FPO address, we can change the delivery address to a new one, but your order can not be canceled or refunded as the algorithm will process it and source the items for your order.


If there has been an error in the delivery process a message will be posted to customers Mystery Experience Portal to contact the support team and arrange a new delivery. The customer needs to contact the support team within 14 days after the error message has been provided.

For EU and UK consumers: This does not affect your statutory rights. For more information please refer to our Terms.


In case you ordered any of our Mystery Boxes, please note that once the order is placed your Mystery Box will start the Processing stage. At this stage, the TMB algorithm will assign different complimentary items to your order and after that source them from different warehouses. Due to the product’s nature, the Processing time is extended for this type of product. If the assigned items are in stock in our warehouse, Processing usually takes about 3-5 days, but if we need to source the items from our suppliers then this process can take up to 45 days. Since Mystery Boxes are in part a digital product, the Customer will receive access to the Mystery Experience Portal right after placing the order and only the physical part of the Processing stage will require an extended amount of processing time. In case you have trouble logging in to your Mystery Experience Portal, please contact our support team for assistance.


If you have questions about returns, please review our Return Policy:


If you have any further questions or comments, you may contact us by:

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