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Sizing Guide

We offer different variants of our Mystery Boxes that you can order. Please use the list below to determine which variant fits your needs best.

Gift Box Variant
Min Items
Max Items
Special Surprise Items
Min to Max Gift Box size (cm)
Electronics Mystery Box
from 9x9x9 to 15x15x15
Medium Electronics Mystery Box
from 12x12x12 to 18x18x18
BIG Electronics Mystery Box
from 14x14x14 to 21x21x21
Super BIG Electronics Mystery Box
from 18x18x18 to 25x25x25
GIGANTIC Electronics Mystery Box
from 20x20x20 to 50x50x50



Please keep in mind that the TMB algorithm can assign different amount of items to your order and the max number of items won’t be assigned for every order. The exact gift box size will be determined within the set dimensions so that all of the assigned items fit your Mystery Box themed gift box.

To increase your chances of receiving the maximum amount of items, remember that the algorithm uses several criteria to decide the amount of items in your order. Some of the criteria used to determine this are your order history and total order value, so you will get higher chance of landing more items per box if you have made multiple purchases before and you order multiple boxes at once, but since it’s a Mystery Box we can’t guarantee any specific amount of items per box, only the range for each gift box variant of min and max items per box.

Free Shipping option

All Mystery Boxes can use the Free Shipping option

Items Assigned by Algorithm

All items are assigned by TMB algorithm

All Items Are Always New

Receive never before used items

256-bit encrypted Secure Checkout

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